Super-DMZ 2.0 only one capsule per day?

  1. Super-DMZ 2.0 only one capsule per day?

    ..or would it be a waste? Have the impression 2caps per day could be quite harsh

  2. Have the impression that you're a pus$y

  3. Fairly certain the methylsten isn't very effective at that dose.. never heard good things about ultradtol being ran at 12mg. As for the other compound I have no idea. Really I have no idea..haha. But when I decide to run my bottle i'm definitely going 2 caps.
    Cultivating Mass.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jamesm11
    Have the impression that you're a pus$y
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  5. Better a puss than dead

  6. Quote Originally Posted by uubiduu
    Better a puss than dead
    Really? Dead? Like that extra 10mg of each suddenly surpasses the toxicity levels? Take the proper supports.

    If you're that clueless, unable to read others logs and/or do research then you shouldn't even be taking hormonal supplements.

  7. Why is he clueless because he wants to take 1 per day?

    Methylstenbolone alone suggested dosing for new users is 8-12mg per day.

    Are there any logs in existence where someone recorded taking only 1 per day? I'd try it.. why not?


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