H drol Cycle

  1. H drol Cycle

    Hey guys. Im 20 years old and im 6'3 at 182 pounds. I've been contemplating an H-drol cycle for some time now but I wanted to run some things by some people who have already done this in the past since this is my first PH.
    I wanna do a 50/50/75/75/75/75 or is that too much?
    Before the cycle im going to take CEL cycle assist and omega3s for 2 weeks. Do you think ill need any milk thistle or hawthorne?

    6 week hdrol cycle:
    omega 3s
    cycle assist
    Animal Pak

    Im either going to run clomid or torem. Which do you think would be better?
    Animal M stak
    omega 3

    I was considering some DAAs and possibly PCT assist or would that be overkill? I want the maximum precaution so that I keep my gains and dont get nasty sides. Will the m stak suffice as an AI and what sort of coritisol blocker shoud i take? Erase?

  2. im still a noob but doing a little reading will help you out.

    first off you are 20 years old. wait a few years. also you are underweight for your height. i bulked to 230 before touching anything (currently running h-drol)

  3. Well Ya you should probably wait. But if you must.
    The HDrol dosage looks fine. I have seen it ran different ways based on research. No higher than 100 mg and no lower than 50mg. HDrol takes about the 3rd week to kick in so be patient. I ran 50/75/75/75/75/75. Had good results.

    I haven't take the cycle assist but I am pretty sure it has Hawthorne or thistle in it so I believe your good in that department.

    As for the pct I ran nolva and had no issues, but I have also seen people run Clomid. So to say ones better than the other well I dont think there is much difference otherwise you would see people only running one of them.

    Also you can run some daa. That will help jump start your natty test. I used Dpol I believe that is a common choice.

    Good luck

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