Some background:
Competitive powerlifter. Mostly only used ****tons of test in the past, usually 1-1.5g pre-meet with dbol and HGH on training days. Haven't played with many exotic compounds before. Currently sitting at 5'6" 215lbs, a good bit of water on me but I would say I'm around 12-13% bodyfat. Current stats: 405+ bench, 625+ squat, 675+ deadlift.

I have a meet next weekend. After it's over I need a bit of a mental break, so I would like to get absolutely shredded in the downtime since I've never really been < 10%. This is the cycle I was planning:

50mg test prop ED
50mg mast prop ED
50mg tren ace ED
50mg NPP ED

Training will be my own conjugate style for the big lifts with rest paused assistance work.

Anywhere I can improve on this cycle? Can't really do orals at the moment as my cholesterol will get ****ed.