Sustanon250 + Insulin Cycle

  1. Sustanon250 + Insulin Cycle

    Hey there.
    I'm looking to run a bulking cycle with Sustanon250 (Omnadren) and some Insulin. It should look something like that:

    1-12w: Sustanon250 250mg/e3d
    1-12w: Arimidex 0.25mg e3d
    Aromasin - 1-4w: 25 mg/eod 4-8w: 12.5 mg/eod
    Triptorelin (GnRH) Single 100mcg shot no Day 1 after the last Sust250 pin

    3 IUs Insulin Humalog, PWO (w/ 50g protein, 10g glutamine, 10g creatine, 21g Dextrose) for 10 weeks

    Please evaluate, your opinion and experience will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm thinking of adding some TB500 as well. What do you think ? Thanks.

    As for TB500 I think I might try this protocol:

    Wk1 - 5mg
    Wk2 - 2.5mg
    Wk3 - 2.5mg
    Wk4 - 2mg
    Wk5 - 2mg

    Any ideas whether TB500 is compatible with insulin or not or whether this protocol will be any effective ?

  2. Really guys ? No one ?

  3. Your going to need more carbs for that amount of insulin since its post workout

    Unless your highly insulin resistant that dose will cause hypoglycemia post work out.

    Pwo I'd start with 25g carb per iu insulin minimum

  4. Everything all good ?

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