Plotting next cycle. Need smart advice

  1. Plotting next cycle. Need smart advice

    This is the only site I am a member of and I appreciate all of the advice and help I have been given here. I have a few questions regarding how to go about my next cycle. Im not so great at reading and my eyes are almost shot so I usually have about 10 mins of computer time before the eyes start fading which is why I may ask some questions that may seem silly to some of you. I am interested in using IGF1-lr3 with my next cycle and am wondering what PH I should stack with it. I dont really want to bulk as much as I just want to put on lean mass. Im coming off of a bulk cycle now, which had some ups and downs, and want to have my game together for the next go around. Realistically, I am at my genetic max, which is why Im looking at peptides but Im not finding much info on how to stack successfully with PH's. I have seen info on AAS/peptides but thats not really an option for me as I live in a small town and there are only a couple of people with access to the real gear and they are shady sons a bitches. Should I add CJC-1295 ? How much is too much peptides? What works best along side peptides? Or should I look at as adding peptides TO the next cycle?

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    I don't know a thing about peptides. I don't think there are any PHs that they work synergistically with, though.
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