What to start with

  1. What to start with

    Alright, Im looking to start a cycle, this will be the first time I've ever done anything of this sort. I'd like to use the minimal dose as well as take all the required products afterwards to get my body to it's normal state. What would be the best possible thing to use, I'm trying to bulk right now and gain size/strength. Diet usually consists of 300g protein a day spread among many small 40g protein meals. Lifting 4x a week.

    I plan to place an order soon for another jar of creatine monohydrate, and protein and was looking to add something new like methyl-d. What do you all recommend? Also is this CEE that I've read about better then creatine?

  2. i recommend staying the hell away from AAS/ph/ps for another 4-5 years
    seriously you're body's test levels are incredibly high right now at 17 years old taking exogeneous hormones at your age could screw up your test production badly
    you will grow like a weed with proper diet, training, and rest research those three things and you'll be much better off especially in the long run

  3. The CEE is much better for me than mono. and like glenihan said stay away from AAS/PH for like at least 4 years. Trust me man when I started college I was 18 and weighed 150lbs and by the end of the first year on just creatine, glutamine, and a good diet I got to a lean 180lbs with out any AAS/PH. Wait for those until your body's natural levels start decreasing. Hope this helps man.


  4. And you didn't read the damn rules of the board..

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