Can I squeeze anymore powder into Dermabolics Big1?

  1. Can I squeeze anymore powder into Dermabolics Big1?

    Yeah does anyone have any experience with this? Specifically with this product though...

  2. I put 2 more gramms into S1+, so it's pretty possible.

  3. curious about this too.

  4. we have 2 grams. anybody get any higher?

  5. i beleive their 4oz bottle will comfortably hold 10g of powder. correct me if i'm wrong.

  6. Mr. Big
    Mr. Big's Avatar

    I put 3 more grams in. Then at the end of the bottle much of it was on the bottom and wasn't mixed. The next time I'll put it in a clear bottle and heat and shake the hell out of it till it mixes. Clear bottle so you can see what is happening while mixing.

  7. CLEAR bottle is a great idea mr big. i can never tell the limits of adding extra powder until i smooth it on my skin and realize i added too much. after much experimentation, adding 2-3g extra is possible by adding slowly, water bath, and shaking>>repeat.
  8. Mr. Big
    Mr. Big's Avatar

    Yeah I kinda knew when I first put it in the Big 1 bottle I was taking a chance on not seeing what was happening. Then when I had about 24cc left I was getting a crystal look on my thighs and I knew it was the powder. Oh well still learning...


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