1. legality

    I've been doing alot of research lately, and have recently read all those stickies in the sticky section of the forum. Of course reading the "playing the game" parts 1 and 2. My question isn't about a source, i'm not in any way asking for one or anything. I just want to know if that's really what you all go through for this stuff, and if i'm going to have to do everything like i'm trying to get away with murder to get away with it. I mean the stuff some people were talking about over there is like straight up sopranos ****. like talking about buying pre paid phones and going 20 minutes out of town to call your source. That seems a little extreme to me, now to me that wouldn't be worth it. Is it really always like this?

    PS:if i violated one of the board rules or something i'm sorry, i didn't know, it was just an honest question i'd like to know before i get into something like this


  2. When I first read it, it seemed extreme. But the way they are starting to crack down on AAS, it wouldn't hurt to take more precautions. Nowadays, they have secure email that makes things a lot easier.

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