Check This cycle out for me

  1. Check This cycle out for me

    I am finishing a cycle of 'slin post workout, and lr3igf-1, Now i'm ready to head into the aas portion of my cycle, i have two weeks , and can get tren acetate, test prop. , eq., sust., plain ol' test enat., deca, and winny-v, I have decided i'm gonna run tren for sure, what would be the best thing to run with the tren, keep in mind this is not a "bulking cycle", I am going for a little size, but water free and i'll eat very clean on this cycle, with cardio in the mornings. My goals are to gain about 5-7 lbs. of lean tissue and keep it, I also have 60 clomid pills and 2 two cycles of proviron 25mg and formestane

  2. i suggest:
    wks 1-3 test prop
    wks 1-12 test enan
    wks 1-6 tren

    i would avoid deca and tren together as the shutdown would be incredibly hard
    i suggest running the tren earlier as opposed to later to allow your body to slightly recover from the tren before going straight to pct

    i don't know your cycle history, i don't know if you want to add the eq as well

    of course you could just run
    1-6 test prop
    1-6 tren ace
    4-6 winny


  3. Thanks man, it's been a long time since i've done a cycle of juice. I've done a few igf-1 growth and 'slin cycles

  4. i personally would run the tren longer than six weeks with many people reporting that they dont really feel it is used at its full benefit in such a short period of time i would run
    1-12 test enan
    1-10 tren ace
    1-3 test prop
    Good luck with your cycle pards.

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