cycle suggestions ????

  1. cycle suggestions ????

    Well I was thinking about doing a cycle of katanadrol, been trying to get my wife knocked up and did not buy the cycle. now it's getting harder and harder to find katanadrol.

    What would make a good mild cycle? not looking to pin. how would epi compare to hdrol and katanadrol as far as how toxic they are?

    I was thinking anavar but also pretty hard to find reliable "real" anavar..

    thanks all...

  2. Epi would be better to cut on just keep calories low

  3. its very easy to find real anavar.. you just have to search it is not very difficult if you spent.. hmm probably one night researching you could find a legit source, so no point in saying you cant find real anavar but if you do use anavar.... remember your friendly neighborhood SERM in the process

  4. all of those are mild, if youre interested in katana then look into stano
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    all of those are mild, if youre interested in katana then look into stano
    Stano is much more mild than epi

  6. AndroLean would fit the bill for a cut cycle .
    Just inject.


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