What to expect from halodrol?

  1. What to expect from halodrol?

    What kind of gains should I expect from a 6 week run of halo plex at 50/75/75/75/75/75 or 50/50/75/75/75/100 mgs a day?

  2. If diet and training are perfect 10lbs of lean mass is reasonable. Some people have attained 15+. But normally after pct 10lbs is a good amount

  3. Ok that sounds perfect! Thank you !

  4. With constistant diet and training , 8-12 lbs of lean mass is certainly attainable. At your weight there is no reason to go above 75mgs a day. What did you have planned for ON cycle and PCT?

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  5. Purus labs organ shield and for pct I'm using Finaflex revolution pct black... It consists of arimistane, daa, long jack , milk thistle, NAC, saw polmetto, and some other blood pressure support.

  6. I also am going to be taking about 2000 mg of trib @ 60% saponins

  7. U need a Serm.

  8. And fenugreek (50% fenuside)

  9. Arimistane is Erase... But it is a diff name because Finaflex would get sued .. Finaflex uses 50 mg instead of 25 for the estrogen blocker.. At 2 pills a day it would be 100 mg of androsta-3, 5-Diene-7, 17-Dione

  10. That's not a Serm, it's an AI.

  11. The company said it was. Were can I get a good serm from??

  12. I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to do that. U can get them off the Internet if u search for research chemicals. Torem is a good one. But clomid and nolva are the other two. I would rack them:

    They have different uses but they all work

  13. What would happen of I didn't use one?

  14. Longer recovery time and u would lose alot of ur gains if not all because of not using one. That's the least that could happen.

    Hdrol is only mildly suppressive but it's still suppressive enough to cause serious problems if u don't use a Serm.

    I personally would never run a cycle of Aas, ph or DS without a Serm. It's far to dangerous.

    I highly recommend u get on. The average price is $50. U can find them cheaper or more expensive.

  15. Wow... I didn't know that.. I did a cycle of winstrol without a serm and I was completely restored after using an OTC pct at highest dose

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jucekb View Post
    The company said it was. Were can I get a good serm from??
    this statement says youre not ready....
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by jucekb
    Wow... I didn't know that.. I did a cycle of winstrol without a serm and I was completely restored after using an OTC pct at highest dose
    Did u get blood test, if not u might not have been completely restored. Just because u feel fine and ur balls look normal size doesnt mean everything is back to normal.

    U could be fine but u might not be. I was shut down pretty good after my last hdrol cycle.

  18. No I didn't get a check.. My testicles have always been a little above average and yet didn't shrink much at all

  19. the answer depends on how you respond to the compound previous estimates may be right, with a good diet, training and good rest you should attain those results if you respond well


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