Need help deciding what to do...

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    Need help deciding what to do...

    24 years old, 6'1", 205lbs. Been lifting on and off for the last 8 years. I've got a lot of stuff on hand right now and can't decide what to do and what to stack together.

    History: (1) AAS cycle Test E and Dianabol years ago. Lots of PH use. I've used 1AD (the real stuff before the ban in the early 00's which I gained 30lbs off lol) M1T, Superdrol and clones such as M-drol and Forged SD Extreme, M1,4add, H-drol and probably some other **** I forget etc..

    Current Stats: Bench 365, Deadlift 405, Squat 0. I think I've had patella tendonitis the last year so I quit squatting since it hurt but now its subsiding finally *I think*. 18 1/2" arms with a pump, 47" chest, 33" waist yada yada..

    I am preparing for a Bodybulding contest this coming February and need to put on some more size/strength IMO.

    Here's what I currently have on hand.
    - 5 bottles Forged SD Extreme
    - 2 RPN Havoc
    - 2 Antaeus Labs Trenazone
    - 2 CEL H-drol
    - 1 CEL M-drol
    - 1 CEL M1,4add

    For PCT I currently have Liquid Torem and 4 bottles of CEL Cycle assist. Other stuff on hand includes Animal Flex, Bulk Taurine Powder, Red yeast rice, CoQ12, and other stuff like more milk thistle. I have a source to get Clomid if I can't run Liquid Torem. I also have a source for Tren E/Masteron cycle, but I can't that much money right now and since I have all this **** on hand might as well make use of it.

    Thoughts on what to do? Goal is size/strength. Not worried about cutting right now since the contest is so far out. Thank you.

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