hair loss

  1. hair loss

    from what i understand minonixidil and alzelaic acid are intended for hair loss that occurs on the dome or rear part of the head and is not intended for receeding hair lines? am i right about this? furthermore, anecdotally, those who do you use the above, has it helped it youat all with receeding hair lines? does finasteride have a similar discriminatory effect in that it is intended for one kind of hair loss in comparisson to another? and finally, for someone in my situation who is mainly losing hair from the from the front of my head, creating a receeding hair line, however, it is falling out from other areas as well, what would be my best choice of treatment? sorry for all the questions, but i would appreciate all the help i could get, before i go see a specialized so that i am as informed as possible on these matters.


  2. Well basically you can use spiro or AA anywhere you want and yes it IS meant for hairlines. What works for me is Nioxin ED (or Nizoral 2%), and then spiro (or AA) in your "trouble" spots after the shower. Some guys go further and throw in Nizoral 5% a few days a week and maybe even finesteride, but in my case the nioxin shampoo daily and spiro along the hairline keeps hairloss to a minimum.

    I am certainly no hair protectant guru, but it does work for me.

  3. They will still work in the front. Just not as well.

  4. hairs over-rated

  5. Is that like, "Size doesn't matter?"

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rrgg
    Is that like, "Size doesn't matter?"
    my thoughts exactly
  7. Minoxidil

    I have thinning hair at the front of my head and have used Minoxidil (Xandrox 15) with great success.


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