First PH Cycle..... Tons of questions.

  1. First PH Cycle..... Tons of questions.

    So I ordered The AMS Growth Kit and it arrives tomorrow. I have done my research but after reading through piles of forums, posts and opinions I feel a bit overwhelmed with information, most of which is making me shake my head. I am looking for a step by step start to finish post but found nothing. Here is what I have planned (and the related questions.)

    BTW- 6'4" 195 lbs, 13% BF, Super Clean Diet, 1 Year solid hard workouts, Plateau for 2 months....


    CEL Cycle assist
    (How long before starting cycle?)
    (Is this enough pre?)
    (Do I continue it on cycle?)

    AMS Pro Anabolic Kit RDe

    (I assume this will provide all the dosing and instructions)

    Post Cycle

    Revolution PCT Black
    (Is this enough PCT?)
    (Do I need clomid?)
    (What other PCT is mandatory if any?)

    EDIT- Should I add the 1-Andro to this stack for my first Cycle?

    Thanks in advance for your help. I am slightly nervous but pumped to get this cycle going. I dont want to jump in without all the info on health safety.


  2. I feel like learning to train out of a plateau would be a lot more beneficial than taking a steroid to get out of it. Otherwise you'll stick to the mindset of when lifting gets more difficult it's time to take a steroid or else you won't progress. You're still riding off of noob gains too after only a year of training so I think it's time to reassess things.

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