Dominating Gains With Epistane (Havoc)

  1. Hi guys...

    I bought up big time when I saw Havoc at $30 a bottle, so I'm about to commence my second of three cycles or RPN Havoc.

    Unlike last time, where my goals where to just get bigger and more powerful (I didn't care much for water retention or fat gain, and went on a big of a dreamer bulk), I am going to cut this time for the upcoming Australian Summer.

    I'll be running a six week course (minimum) and will assess at six weeks whether I continue for another two weeks after seeing bloods.

    Dosing will be in the form of:

    Week 1-2: 30mg ED
    Week 3-4: 40mg ED
    Week 5-6: 50mg ED.

    Last time, I went up to 60mg ED; however, I saw this as overkill, and didn't really get much out of the extra dosing.

    Currently, I am at 97kg (or 213 lbs), and stand at 187cm (or 6'2"). Body fat is at 16% at last check. Edit, checked body fat today at the gym and at 12% woosk!

    My goal will be to acheive 95kg at sub 10% bodyfat at the end of hormonal supplementation, and continue to 93-95kg and 8-10% after PCT.

    PCT (and last two weeks of cycle) will consist of:
    Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate):
    Dim (Diindolylmethane)
    DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)
    Bovine Colostrom (IGG 23%)

    I'll be preloading (for two weeks) and running throughout the cycle and PCT:
    N Acetyl Cysteine (mg) - 1600mg ED
    Milk Thistle Extract (mg) - 800mg ED
    Acetyl Carnitine (mg) - 800mg ED
    R Alpha Lipoic Acid (mg) - 400mg ED
    Vitamin E (mg) - 60mg ED
    Fish Oil - Will depend on requirement, but probably 5 (1000mg) caps ED
    CoQ10 (mg) - 100mg ED
    Hawthorne Berry (mg) - 1000mg ED
    Taurine - 0mg *Taurine is for wimps.

    I'll also be taking Vital Greens every day in place of a multivitamin, due to its better bioavailability - My urine will be worthless anyway after this cycle!

    Diet will be capped at 2500 cal. I train twice daily, so 2500 I think is okay for a cut; however, I'll be sticking to around 2000 per usual day and will respond by upping or lowering the calorie intake depending on my weight gains/loss.

    Macros will hold at 30:50:20 (Carbs:Proteins:Fats) on days where I train twice and 20:50:30 on days where I train once or take a rest day. Keep in mind that on those days, I'll be lowering only my calorie intake, so I won't be spiking fats at all.

    IF you guys think I've missed anything obvious or have any reccommendations, I'd be happy to hear it!

    PS, I'll definitely be logging this time, as I am much better prepared than the last.

    Currently, deadlift max is 485lbs. It WILL be 550 at the end of the cycle.

  2. I am in bro....I am going to run Havoc starting Oct 2nd. Good looks like you have everything ready to go.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by boz8029
    I am in bro....I am going to run Havoc starting Oct 2nd. Good looks like you have everything ready to go.
    Cheers boz. Should get more out of it this time than last!

  4. Got the trainer to check my body fat today. Sitting at 12% or there abouts so hopefully I can stay at 97ish kgs and get down to 8ish percent!

  5. Good luck bro....I am cutting from now until I start to get my bf% down.



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