Well im starting a cycle with epistane for four weeks and wanted to know what yal think and some help on when to take it if im doin it wrong

    First off im going to run epistane 20/30/40/40 throught four weeks along with
    Organ shield
    Fish oil
    And wanted to see if I could run a fat burner?
    and maybe creatine?

    As for PCT
    Titanium XL

    I'm about 215 6'1, 22 years of age looking to burn fat while building some muscle
    Let me know what you think any info would be greatly appreciated

  2. From what I've heard you wanna run epi longer than 4 weeks

  3. So another bottle or shorten doses out and its actually epi elite ( generic mix of epi and havoc)

  4. Another bottle , go 5 or 6 weeks

  5. And how should I do the dosing through 6 weeks ? And as for the PCT?

  6. Pretty sure 40 mg is the sweet spot for epi, i go with torem for pct but yours should be fine, careful with hair loss on epi too, probably wanna throw in some erase for estro rebound towards end of pct

  7. Throw in erase even if I have triazole?


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