T3 dosing?

  1. T3 dosing?

    I'm on week 4 of my first cycle, going smooth so far. 500mg Test-E per week for 15 weeks, 50mg of Winny per day for 50 days. Nolva/HcG as PCT, etc..

    Anyways I've been looking at adding T3 in for the last 8 weeks of the cycle, to aid in fat loss. My question is what has been your best experience in terms of dosing? I've seen anywhere from 25mcg to 100mcg per day.

    I won't be running it with Clen, and a lot of the info I find about T3 is it combined with clen. So any advice would be appreciated.

  2. For me 50-60mcgs daily is perfect.
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  3. Thanks heavy, the caps are 25mcg each so I'll stick with 50.

  4. Has anybody noticed any ill side effects? I've talked to numerous people who have run T3 and said the only side effect has been increased hunger, but I figured I'd ask here as well.

  5. I flatten out a bit if the dose is too high but no real sides at 50mcg's T3 daily. Has zero effect on my hunger.
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  6. I know T3 has a strong half life, so when dosing it @ 50mcg a day, do you split the 2 doses up or take them at the same time?

  7. bump, going to run T3 soon with sd/stano (maybe) once I finish my current cycle and take a while off


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