Looking for stack recommendations

  1. Looking for stack recommendations

    Ive been doing research, yet everywhere i look people will recommend different things for a variety of reasons so it makes it hard to hone in on a solid prohormone stack. I wish i had a test source, but i don't, so until i can find one i guess i'm going to just stick to orals. I'm currently 165 and i'm looking to gain and KEEP 10 pounds. my max bench is 280x1. I've been lifting for a few years and am starting to experiment with the orals for now. I ran a super-dmz cycle and i loved it while i was on it. I gained 8lbs of muscle, i looked and felt great. I used RUI clomid for PCT with a loading dose of 300, then 100/50/50/25 - and i'm sad to say i lost all of what i gained and feel like crap. The most depressing thing was losing gains. I don't know if the PCT failed or if it was other factors. I did injure my back the second day off the cycle, and i did start a new job which threw off my sleeping, eating, and workout routine. What i want is to KEEP what i gain, and i'd be thrilled with ten pounds. Ive been looking around and having trouble finding a prohormone that is good for KEEPing gains. Ive been looking into epistane, and although it may be a toxic stack with superdrol, i've read a bunch of users who have done it, so i'm thinking about a superdrol/epi stack. I've also read a lot about a common Superdrol/halodrol stack. Has anyone ever heard of stacking epistane with dmz? What are your recommendations for a solid oral stack and PCT that will help me retain what i gain?

  2. trenazone blew me up u could stack it with sd and stano thats prob gonna be my next cycle

  3. keepng gains is a matter of eating enough

  4. my job interfered with my eating for sure, but i still ate at least 2.5-3kcal a day. I felt like i just lost everything quick, two weeks after the dmz i was bordering on my baseline weight...

  5. Superdrol/ 11-oxo/ stano. Thats what I am running next.

  6. How are you dosing them?


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