Low dose epi? Waste?

  1. Low dose epi? Waste?

    Any one ever run epi at a low dose like 20mgs just to prevent any muscle wasting on a cut? Would it be pointless? Its been like 4 months since my last cycle wich was pretty heavy and 16 weeks of injectibals, I didn't plan on running anything untill mid November so my body would get a good break, but I'm cutting and I'm itching for a little help, I have diet, and workout/cardio pretty much figured out, adjusting here and there. But was wondering if a product like epi at a low dose would help any catabolism and not be to hard on my body to still go at it in November, I'd def pct after it as well, the thing is also my nuts still have not come back to full size either from last cycle, besides that I'm totally recovered, strength is up libido is good, sorry I'm jumpin around with info, just want to give as much as possibail' so 20mgs epi a waste? Should I just tuff it out till nov and save the epi?

  2. Creatine is an anti catabolic supplement, and erase pro is as well. They both will fight cortisol too.
    15g of creatine a day and erase pro ED
    This way you can keep it natty (:

  3. Looks like a good product' it's alittle pricy for me though, I read a bunch of reviews and every one liked it but I'm try to buy a ring for my woman so I was trying to use stuff I already had on hand, I could use some c mono, but it has never made a diff for me before, but cutting estrogen down sounds like a good idea. I'll have to dig around in my cabinet to see if I have anything that's not so strong as what I know I have, thanks for thhe suggestion through. Got me thhinking in a dif direction

  4. depends on how u respond to epi i guess. i did 6 weeks at 20mg (1 bttl). gained 11 pounds total after pct and went down a notch on my belt. but u also have to take into consideration it was my first time usein anything tho so with ur past cycle history probly not gonna get as much out of it as i did.

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