Cycle Support Question

  1. Cycle Support Question

    Is this necessary to use an AI during a PH cycle or should I only use it in my PCT?

  2. you need a serm for pct such as clomid or nolva

  3. If the compound your using converts to estrogen a SERM or AI will be needed for during cycle.

    If it doesn't convert to estrogen, a SERM will be needed for PCT to keep estrogen side effects at bay while your hormones return back to normal.

    Some people prefer to use a AI during pct instead of a SERM. If you use the AI during pct in correctly it can cause re-bound gyno. Either route you go just make sure you do it correctly.

    Do some more research and reading. Chances are any question you have has already been answered.

  4. at 5' 9 160 i believe you still have alot of room to grow naturally, if you are going to take a ph make sure you are ready cause if ur not its not worth the abuse to your body, have your diet and workout in check or its going to be a waste.

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