First epi cycle please critique!

  1. First epi cycle please critique!

    Just got some vital labs epi 2a3a....trying to cut and increase lean muscle. I'm 5'8" about 195, would like to decrease BF a little. Starting eating cleaner and taking CEL cycle assist. Have been lifting for 5-6 years and have run Halotest 25 before with so-so gains. Going to run Epi as follows, please add/change anything that might sound wrong for me:

    Cycle assist 2 weeks preload
    Epi 20 (first 2 days) then 30 the rest of week 1/30/40/40
    Fish oil
    5g taurine pre workout (CGT 10 by ON)
    Protein/bcaa morning, workout, night

    PCT (this is where I don't want to F up)
    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    DAA 3G a day
    Erase 0/2/3/2/2/1

    Do I need DAA for sure on PCT? And should cycle assist last all the way thru PCT? Any help is really appreciated.

  2. Also I'm a little confused on what my calorie intake should be since I want to lean up while increasing muscle. I know I should have lots of protein..

  3. Looks like you did your research. Everything looks good

    Eat maintenance, and up your protein to 1.25-1.5g per lb..
    I would run PCT assist through the 2nd week of PCT>
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  4. So cycle assist til the end of my cycle then pct assist is separate from that?

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