Test e and dbol cycle

  1. Test e and dbol cycle

    Hey guys im starting a dbol and test e cycle soon. I am getting 25mg dbol pills (50 count) and will be running 500mg/week of test e. this is the first time ive done dbol so im wondering what dosage of dbol should i start with? This is my third cycle. Last cycle was test prop/tren. I am 5'9 207 pounds at 8 percent bodyfat. I train 5 days a week and have been training 7 years. Diet is ok right now, sometimes at work i tend to eat bad but i always eat atleast 4-5k calories a day. Thanks for the info bros.

  2. D-bol at 50mg ED weeks 1-4 seems to be an awesome kicker for many.
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  3. I'm on a similar cycle now. Test E at 600, Dbol at 40 and also Deca at 300. For me I've found that when I go 50 ED of Dbol I get horrendous back pumps but I'm fine if I keep it at 40. So play it by ear and see how you do. But it should be a great stack for you. Make sure you've got plenty of Taurine and eat it like candy. It will help the back pumps.

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