Woman using steroids to cut

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  1. I can tell you from experience that test will make your girl very horny and so with anavar. She was waking up in the middle of the night on test masterbating and her clit go bigger. I love it. The Var has her so horney she is finnaly having clitoral orgasums. She is burning up her vibrator and can't enough porn. She loves watching woman with big tits and she has never been interested in woman. I guess when you get really horny things change. If your woman looses interest in sex, put her on some level of test or var. My girl is 51 years old and has always had a strong sex drive but now it is even higher. I have never been so happy.

    And anyone wants to buy my Honda V65 i'll make you a good deal.
    Quote Originally Posted by HondaV65 View Post
    Not all "gear" is created equal. Exactly what is she wanting to do? Inject test? Or an oral like Epi?

    I thought most girls went for Anavar - it helps a cut and it doesn't cause clitoral enlargement or other masculinizing effects - like beard growth, etc.

    Osta - may work equally well for women as it does men - it's a good leaning compound.

    if she insists on full up steroids (either oral or injectable) - please let us know what happens to her libido on that ****. Hopefully you don't create a sex monster.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by GreenEarth
    I don't know what you two are on about. I'm 22 and decided that steroids are way too awesome to not take...for all I know, I could get hit by a bus before age 30 and never get to experience the incredible effects!

    What you said is totally what a young person would say lol. When you get older you'll regret it...or maybe not...we'll see. As far as AAS for women goes...I'm sorry but no...just....no lol...horse face, changes in voice, clitoral enlargement(****ing disgusting), what chick wants that unless they are competing at a professional level



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