D-zine and gyno?

  1. D-zine and gyno?

    Can d-zine caue gyno during a cycle or delayed gyno after pct? is it common?

    I will be running nolva+DAA for pct. I also have arimidex, aromasin, and P5P on hand. Would any of these be a good idea to run during the cycle?


  2. No, from what I understand DMZ does not aromatize so you will not benefit to run an AI, would probably be more trouble than good (libido, joints, insomnia etc). Dzine, I've heard from here could theoretically induce prolactin gyno which I'm not sure is true but would be rare and an AI or a serm would not help at all in that case. You can take a B6 or a P5P supplement daily while on to be safe..

  3. ok so p5p is a good idea but an AI is not. any ide awhy theres so many threads about gyno from dzine coming after pct? i thought dzine didnt aromatize?

  4. Good question. I haven't read threads on DMZ gyno so far, but there are a lot of threads so I definitely believe you lol. If they got it after PCT, it would be what some call "rebound" gyno. You can start the AI in week 3 of PCT and run for 3-4 weeks at low low dose but don't use it in weeks 1-3...

    While on the SERM you are protected from estrogen and you do not want to suppress it, the whole point of the serm is to reach homeostasis.. What can actually lead to this "rebound" gyno is blocking estrogen conversion while in PCT. It makes no since because the point of a serm is to help your body reach homeostasis and when you're on an AI, you are causing very low estrogen levels so then you stop the serm and the AI after PCT, your estrogen comes back like a bat out of hell and you're unprotected from the side effects..

    In my opinion with non-aromatizing compounds, an AI should only be kept as back up and only used if something goes wrong like a bunk serm or you start to feel a creepy crawly feeling behind your nip.. Run it at PCT your looking at rebound and run it during cycle you are drying yourself out too much, killing your libido and even hindering gains (estrogen helps gains).

  5. so running an AI on cycle is not necessary? and would arimidex or aromasin be ok to start in week 3 of pct?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by yeahbuddy22
    so running an AI on cycle is not necessary? and would arimidex or aromasin be ok to start in week 3 of pct?
    On paper its a non aromatizable compound, but it happens. Prami or caber for prolactin, aromasin 12.5mg eod or e3d for estrogen issues. I always run a cycle with an AI, simply because i dont want estrogen to even get a foot in the door, prevent before control.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  7. I agree, you can run the AI on cycle if you want ensure to keep estrogen at 0, but I would wait until week 3 if you want to use it in PCT just to get your body pumping both it's own andro and estro again at normal levels. I'm personally a fan of simple Nolva 20/20/10/10 and being done with it without throwing in other stuff except normal supplements but there are scary stories that's for sure.

  8. how would this look:

    Dzine 15/30/30/30/30

    with: P5P, hawthorne berry, milk thistle

    nolva 30/30/20/20/10/0
    aromasin 0/ 0/ 0/ 12/12/12
    DAA 3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 3

  9. I think that looks awesome, are you going to log it? I'm about to do something similar.. DMZ/LMG (Phorce)

  10. yeah for sure. its gonna be 2-3 weeks til i start but keep an eye out for the log!

  11. i might use erase for pct instead of aromasin . any thoughts?

  12. Awesome, I'll look out for it.. I'm not that familiar with Erase but I have heard it is effective and plan to try it sometime. Try it. I think that Aromasin is overkill for your layout anyway especially if you plan to take nolva for 6 weeks..


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