Deca vs EQ

  1. Deca vs EQ

    As the title suggests, I want to hear some subjective opinions on these two for those that have used both. I have used both, on different occassions and typically have preferred EQ as I felt it had more of a hardening/pump effect, which makes sense with the increase in red blood cell count. Some publications/books have cited EQ as a slightly more androgenic verwsion of deca that will provide slightly more water retention. I never saw this effect, but only went as high as 350 mg a wk of EQ, but hit around 550 mg a week of deca. My main concern is if the EQ will be worse on blood pressure than Deca. I am contemplating a "safe" cycle consisting of EQ or Deca, primobolan depot, and test prop in low doses EOD in the first month. All opinions/advice is appreciated.

  2. I have done just two cycles.
    #1 10 weeks
    Dbol 35mg/day weeks 1-6
    Sustanon 500mg/week
    Deca 400mg/week
    PCT clomid-nolva-hcg

    #2 14 weeks
    Dbol 35mg/day weeks 1-5
    Proviron 25mg/day weeks 1-14
    Test Cyp 500mg/week
    Eq 400mg/week
    Tren 75mg/eod weeks 6-12
    Winny 40mg/ed weeks 10-14
    PCT nolva-hcg

    I really think that you have to "listen to your body" and see how you react to different androgens. I like the long lasting effect of Deca. The strength from it stayed with me long after I stopped using it. It softened the "rebound" and helped me continue to make good gains through PCT. The extra lubrication was good on my joints and complimented the strength gains.

    I did not get much of the appetite increasing effect from EQ. I felt like it was much "weaker". I doubt I would use the EQ again.

    Off Topic-
    I also learned:
    I like proviron, will make it part of any future cycle.
    Winny is VERY harsh on ME, got the most sides ever from it.
    I can use less HCG and get same effect.
    Nolva alone worked as well for me as Clomid/Nolva together.
    Tren for me is a serious cutter, it halted my mass gains.
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  3. i'm assuming thats a typo and your dbol amount are daily not weekly

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jjjd
    i'm assuming thats a typo and your dbol amount are daily not weekly
    He's saying 35mg's per day weeks 1 -6.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by drei
    He's saying 35mg's per day weeks 1 -6.
    Actually he's right, I edited it with a note acknowledging that it was just my brainfart. edit's however appear as small print at the bottom of the page...

    bump for more input for Max32...



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