The cycle: 6 weeks at 75/100/100/100/125/125

Training: Layne Norton's PHAT, HIIT for cardio 2-3x a week.

Nutrition: Calorie surplus with carb cycling.

PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10, PCT Cycle Assist and UPS Labs Test Powder

Supplements: Orange Triad, Omega complex, Cycle Assist, Core ABC, Creatine monohydrate, and Protein powder.

1.5 weeks in and I've already seen some strength gains with about a 2 lb increase. I'm currently bulking, trying to get as much mass and strength gains as I can from this cycle which is what brings me to my question. I'm having a hard time researching anything that deals with a specific diet to follow while on cycle. I know it should be high protein and in a surplus but just how much of a surplus should it be? Normally I'm 300 calorie over maintenance without the PH to limit fat gains. How high above my tdee should I go and how much should I expect to gain? Right now I eat about 4,000 with my maintenance being 3700. F/C/P are 67/550/300. I'm only 155 lb but I'm very active and have a bodymedia fit so my tdee is pretty accurate. How much should I expect to gain? A nice check on my cycle, macros, and some thoughts on my questions would be awesome. Thanks for your help!