Gynecomastia surgery

  1. Gynecomastia surgery

    I just wanted to share my experience with gyno surgery, for those who are interested in getting this done. I had pubertal gyno from being a chubby teen growing up, and made it worse with several pro hormone cycles in my late teens with no PCT. I eventually had breasts and they looked horrible. I ended up getting gyno surgery over a year ago from Dr. Richard Baxter in seattle. Well, it turned out to be a bad job by the doctor. Although it doesn't look horrible nor very obvious, there is still a significant amount of tissue left. I went to see him just recently and he doesn't believe that it's breast tissue and that it's the way my chest is naturally shaped. BS. I know it's breast tissue because I can feel it. He left extra tissue around the sides and top of my nipples so it kind of sinks in when I lay flat. So to everyone considering this surgery, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE A LOOK AT BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES AND MAKE SURE THE DOCTOR HAS EXPERIENCE PERFORMING GYNO SURGERY. I lost about 4k and don't want to have another procedure done by him in case he screws it up worse. I will probably save up money and go to Dr. Blau on the east coast since he has a lot of experience in this procedure.


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    Why are you laughing?

  3. Nothing funny about that. Thank god I'm not gyno prone though. Knock on wood.

  4. sorry to hear tht bro

  5. Thanks for sharing. I also had a buddy who had a bad experience where the Dr left some in. Then I had another buddy who I swear the DR removed more then just the gyno. his chest shrunk but a noticeable amount...weird.


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