Next m1t cycle

  1. Next m1t cycle

    I plan on running a 4 week cycle of m1t/4-ad cycle starting next week.

    Im trying something new this time. Ive kinda been altering my diet in preparation for this. Torwards the middle/end of summer i talked to a few am. bodybuilders at my gym and got some advice for cutting (which worked like crazy). The tuff part about this, is now im setting my winter weight goal @ 220lbs. After this crazy diet i got on, i cut down to 184lbs. Its going to be hard to put my body through this transition and be able to jam all this extra food down my throat. As i said, about 5 weeks ago i got off my diet and started eating like crazy. Right now im starting my weight off this cycle at 192lbs. Ive also got 3 different protein shakes. Premixed cans of Eclipse's The Shake (per can - 320 cal, 30mg protein, 46g sugar) Beverly International's Ultra Size (per scoop - 120 cal, 17g protein, 2g sugar) and Heavy Weight gainer 900 (per 4 scoops - 630 cal, 35g protein, 42g sugar).
    Now, being i have sort of a weak stomach in the morning, i plan on drinking the canned "Shake" in the a.m., then Heavy Weight gainer during lunch, and then the Bev. Int. Ultra Size before bed (recommended do to the Hydrolyzed Beef Plasma it contains is released better during sleep).

    I plan on running the M1t @ a low dose for the 1st 2 weeks:
    week 1 - 10mg
    week 2 - 10mg
    week 3 - 20mg
    week 4 - 20mg

    week 1 - 40mg Nolva, 1g Vitex (2 pills @ 500mg)
    week 2 - 30mg Nolva, 1g Vitex
    week 3 - 20mg Nolva, 500mg Vitex
    I will run a 4th week if i feel necessary...

    The reason Im writing this thread is becuase of the problem im having with the 4-ad. Last few cycles i went with Ergo's 300 select (300mg per pill - I was taking 3 a day @ 900mgs)

    What are your opinions on 4-ad? Who has the best, what do you use and why?

  2. why oral for 4ad? transdermal is much more effective

    Custom sells the stuff you need for transdermal 4ad

    And as far as the M1T dosing, I would just hit the 20mgs straight through because it's going to shut you down hard either way, especially if you are running it for 4 weeks.

  3. All the other times i only went oral because Ergos 4-ad is cheaper and higher dosage...other than that, no particular reason.

    I got my m1t from custom, ill head right back over to take a look at the trans 4-ad.


  4. trans gets more ph into the bloodstream than oral. last I checked it was cheaper to run the trans because you dont need as much. you could dose around 400mg.

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