Decided. Epistane/MaxLmg Stack

  1. Decided. Epistane/MaxLmg Stack

    saving a dzine/trenazone stack for winter break. Stacking myopharm epibolan with a max lmg clone.
    epi 30/40/40/40 have 2 bottles so can keep going as long as i want
    lmg 60/90/90/90 and gonna order another bottle. there in 30mgs per pill so not gonna go up to 120
    Will probably do 5 or 6 weeks total depending but not over 6 for sure
    Have Aegis liver support (TUDCA)
    AI Life Support (not sure if i need to take this in addition to Aegis)
    Animal Flex for joints and also going to take fish oil
    and a big bag of ON Whey.

    Hope to get some great strength gains and put on some decent mass that i can maintain after.

    Let me know what you think

  2. is this ur first cycle? i would def run atleast 6 weeks or ull be dissapointed

  3. ya i am. i have another bottle of epi and im ordering another bottle of lmg. ill correct it

  4. Monday was the beginning of my 4th weeks and gains have been awesome. size and bodyweight up and strength up, look great. everything feels light. i can tell within the last 10 days the epi has really taken over. no real sides. after about 2 weeks in got nose bleeds for about 2 days then they went away when i started adding ai life support. So far id highly recomment this stack

  5. Heck yeah, 6 weeks of epi and 8 of lmg?

  6. 6 weeks of epi, not sure about lmg. my intention at first was to use it as a kickstart and use it as a balancer to epi since lmg is wetter and has more estrogen related sides and epi is really dry. i feel it has worked really well together no dry joints yet not alot of water retention. i may keep them both at 6 weeks or just finish off with epi solo.

  7. has anyone experiences a major loss of appetite while on epi?


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