i dont know whats happening please help

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  1. I been taking daa and is been helping , my supplement are zma at night, vitamin d 5000iu (ironically lol ) , and the only reason I think its temporary cause I notice couple of weeks after the hcg shot I started to feel better I was getting turned on more often and easier( sorry to disclose that ) but then thinking my test was low diagnosing my self I messed up with the nolva it killed my libido and my erection and then again a week ago making the mistake not waiting for the blood results started Clomid .I stopped everything (pct) yesterday . God willing my body will return to normal cause these is making me nuts . The only reason that I feel the Blood test reading on Lh was from nolva cause my test are in normal range and to be primary your test has to be low with high Lh .
    I thank you guys for the replies man cause I'm over here tripping hard.

  2. Unless daa increases leydig cell sensitivity to lh then it won't do anything.

    Seriously, no more drugs and get rechecked in month. Your hpta is fine.

  3. All i have to say is.... Wow! :/


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