Winny and reductalean

  1. Winny and reductalean

    I've just started 50mg winny and 15mg Sibutramine hydrochtoride monohydrate (reductalean) a day. I will increase winny to 100mg after week 4 for 2 weeks.

    I know, i know, winny as a stand alone with an appetite suppresant sounds terrible and I know I'm gonna be called a retard but please hear me out.

    Im 37years old. 6ft and 200lbs. I've weight-trained for years and I'm quite stocky but stopped training for a while due to injury and restarted about 6months ago. I want to get a bit bigger and was gonna opt for a 'test' cycle but my body fat is around 15% now so I thought I'd try get it down a bit (maybe to 12%) then do a test cycle.
    I'm running winny to try help me a bit when I'm trimming the fat but mainly to put on a little bit of lean mass. Not a lot, I know I'll see hardly any difference with a winny standalone but hoping to gain around 4 - 6lbs over the 6weeks. I know winny is for cutting and I just wanna see what I'm working with and build a base I can start the test cycle.
    The reductalean is just to stop me craving carbs and crap and it also increases my metabolism. Although I won't feel hungry, I will force feed chicken down my thoat if I have to, to insure I'm getting the protein I need.

    At the moment, my diet (which although boring as hell, i enjoy) is as follows...

    Wake up... 60gm protein shake, 3 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk.

    Couple of hours later.... Chicken breast with greens and a boiled egg.

    Then gym.

    Another 60g protein shake with a banana straight after gym.

    Then 3 more equally spaced out meals of Chicken breast with greens and a boiled egg.

    50-100g of almonds or monkey nuts before bed.

    So my only carbs are the weetabix, nuts and the greens.

    Gym session is ...
    Mon chest/tri
    Tue shoul/legs
    wed back/bi
    thurs rest
    fri chest/tri
    sat should/legs
    sun back/bi

    with 30-40mins cardio after each session

    So, my question is......I'm currently eating approx 2000cals, 250g protein and hardly any carbs. If I'm taking winny, should I try to increase my calories to over 3000 to try put on that extra bit of lean mass and if so can I use carbs as well as protein for that or will increasing the carbs just defeat the object?
    Also remember guys, before you start shouting at me (and I know its gonna happen). As I said, I was gonna do a 'test' cycle 1st but this is just something I felt would be a good idea before I start a 'test' cycle.

    Any advice is appreciated, as is any criticism on what I'm doing wrong.



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  2. A cycle is a cycle, I would not have done winny over test. I would honestly get your hand on some test, run it with clen and T3 and shed that bodyfat. Won't even need a very high dose for your goals.
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  3. I might give it a couple of weeks and run test with the winny, I've bought it anyway and I was gonna run test after the 8 weeks so I can always bring it forward

  4. At 6 foot and 200lbs eating 2000 calories are you getting any gains? I would tend to eat that on a cut and you are bigger than me, 5'8 180lbs. Have you worked out your TDEE before? You really should have a solid diet in place before starting any cycle. Not only will it maximize your growth but if your planning on keeping your gains after your cycle your going to need a solid diet.

    Maybe head over to the nutrition section and read a bit more into the diet before hitting your cycle brother.

  5. To be honest. Its prob more like 2500 calories, I could easily bump that up but ive almost completely cut out the carbs. As I said, I'm not trying to bulk up yet, trying to 'see what ive got to work with', even if I only put on a few pounds, its more about getting a decent base. Once I start on a test cycle I'll be eating around 3500-4000 calories and around 400gms of protein. I wasnt sure I should eat more than 2000-2500 calories if I'm tring to cut a little bit. I'm a stocky lad anyway from all the years of training so my plan was to technically 'cut' a little bit before the build just to see what I've got. I've eating pretty much the same thing for the last few months and I've actually seen some decent natural gains (although I think the muscle was already there and just brought it out a bit).
    You think I should up my calories to 3000+ now? And if so, should I just up the protein only and still stick with just the carbs in the morning? You're advice is appreciated.
    've actually got enough winny for 8 weeks if I stick to 50mg, I might give it 4 weeks then stack it with test for the other 4, or is that a stupid idea.

  6. also, my TDEE is around 3200, I was actually keeping it under that coz I'm trying to get my BF down a few %.


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