Traveling on cycle. Thoughts?

  1. Traveling on cycle. Thoughts?

    Currently running Test E. Going away for 10-12 days.

    Thoughts on shipping a couple of pre-loaded syringes through the mail?

    Any of you done this before?

  2. I'd load up the day before leaving and load up the day of returning. safest/most legal bet....just do a 1 1/2 dose before and after....once a week is adequate, so once every 10 to 12 days in the middle of a cycle should be fine esp if you add an extra dose split between the before and after...not sure of your mg amount so I just used a generic 1 1/2 figure....

  3. Last year I was in week 8 of test and went to Hawaii for 9 days, do I shot 675 the day I left and same when I got back... Everything worked out great... I just made sure I ran erase for an ai just in case I had any issues from the monster dose.... Oh and day 4-7 after that monster shot I worked out and swelled so much I looked like I put on 20lbs...probably wasn't all from that injection, but either way It was freaking awesome!!!
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

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