Help building first cycle

  1. Help building first cycle

    Hey guys I've finally joined up on the forum after spending months just reading anything and everything on here,
    I was just looking for some advice for my first injectable cycle, I've only done 1 ph cycle before which was ultradrol for 4 weeks, I'm 22 years old been bodybuilding for 2 years, diet is pretty much chicken and sweet potato 5 times a day + Breakfast which is just oats tuna and a protein shake, I'm 5 ft 7 170 lbs,
    I'm thinking of doing test e for 12 weeks along with d-Bol for the first 4, I already have nolvadex and letro for pct, I was just curious if for the last 3/4 weeks of the cycle could I cap it with ultradrol? I have another bottle of it lying around and was wondering if it could be useful, I was thinking I could even run it from week 12-14 while I'm waiting to begin my pct, what are everyone's thoughts on that?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by XyXX

    Sure, you can always run the classic Test w/ dbol kickstart... so it would look something like this:
    Week 1-4> dbol 30mg ed
    Week 1-12> test e 500mg/week
    As far as the ultradrol, you can run in in the last weeks like you mentioned, but it will further suppress you and your chances of shutdown will increase. If i were you, i would save it for a different cycle or sell it... You will probably need a stronger pct too, throw in some clomid
    Thanks for the reply mate yeah I was already pretty set on doing dbol and test e, it was just a question of wether or not to add in the ultradrol at the end, I was only considering it because I read that gains slow down a bit after 10 weeks or so, so I thought ultradrol could be useful towards the end but I know that more isn't always better when it comes to these things,
    And thanks for the tip for the pct!

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