please critique my first h drol cycle

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    please critique my first h drol cycle

    Goals: Gain 12 pounds. keep 8.
    Im currently at 164 pounds at 5'7 10% body fat.
    Diet on cycle will be around 4000 calories with mostly high protein and high carb. I am attempting to bulk

    preload: NAC 1.2 g/ Milk Thistle 600 mg/ Hawthorne 500 mg/ liv 52 2 a day (red advil tabs)


    h drol
    (may go up to 100 for last few days if sides do not exist)
    maca root on cycle for libido.

    throughout cycle: fish oil, taurine, glucosamine, multi, cycle assist.

    Pct: Torem 60/60/30/30
    liv 52: 2 pills twice a day.

    Erase pro: 0/0/1/1/1/1
    DAA: 3 grams a day after first day of last h drol?
    Natty Test booster first day after h drol.

    Am i suppose to dose h drol at 2x 25mg in the morning, 1x 25 mg 8 hours later? or 3 spread evenly throughout the day?
    Also, What time should i take my torem during pct? before bed? morning?

    Thank you guys for your help.

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    bump. anyone got any suggestions? am i good to go?

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