Just looking for some clarity on the proper dosing for T3 and Clen. I have already done a couple of cycles of Clen but after doing a little research I found that the combination of the two produce better results in weight loss. So I am going to add T3 to my cycle.

So in regards to T3 I would like to know what the dosing schedule should be like, how long and what precautions I should take as I am a first time user of T3. Any supplements that I shouldn't take? Ex: Calcium, vitamin D.

Also regarding the Clen I have found that I am very sensitive to it and have had to break it up into 3 doses per day. One in the morning, mid day and right when I go to bed. I couldnt exceed 90mcg as the sides were just too much to handle, so I had to split the does in 3 just to hit 90mcg. I have read that you arent supposed to take it after 4pm but it seems that everyone says that because you cant sleep. I have found that my sleep is not affected. I actually get tired after I have taken it.

Thanks for the feedback.