A quick look at "Bromo"

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    Cool A quick look at "Bromo"

    Here's the straight run-down on what Bromocriptine Mesylate is, and what it's good for...

    <I>by Lyle McDonald</I> - Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist drug (meaning it acts like dopamine in the brain), primarily activating the dopamine D2 receptors.&nbsp; It's main use is for the treatment of high prolactin, Parkinson's disease, and acromegaly; it was also used by bodybuilders in the 80's for it's GH releasing properties.&nbsp;However, it's metabolic effects are far greater than that.

    In genetically obese rats, bromocriptine normalizes metabolism and there are many good reasons to think it will do the same in humans.&nbsp; Bromocriptine has use during dieting (to minimize the negative adaptations), muscle gain when very lean, and may be beneficial post-steroid cycle.&nbsp; It may also be useful for diabetes treatment and may have pro-sexual effects.

    Bromocriptine has a half-life of roughly 12-14 hours, and dosing is 2.5-5 mg/day taken in the morning.

    For additional information, read Lyle McDonald's ebook, <I>target=_blank>Bromocriptine: An Old Drug With New Uses</I>.

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    great post let's here more info.....I have some friends that really bad side from the Bromo

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