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  1. Smile Cutting Stack

    I currently am on a cutting stack, but I am trying to add an "edge" to these compounds I am taking.
    I am on 30 mg Nolva (nope it isn't pct,will drop it tomorrow)
    24 mg of albuterol
    1 mg ketotifen (before sleep)
    I am eating a ketogenic diet (Intermittent fasting), am doing cardio, weight training. And even though the fatloss has been good so far, my love handles and lower abdomen are retaining most fat, and to be honest look like crap. Now i am starting to have my first slips from the diet because the extremely low carbs/low calories are kicking in. I have been thinking of an appetite supresser but nothing except some pseudoephedrine (at least nothing that I have handy) comes to my mind. Sadly I can not experiment with T3 and steroidal anabolics at the moment. Also I am thinking of metformin, but I cannot find a good and solid protocol for it's use an If it is worth it.
    Any ideas and opinions are very gladly accepted.

  2. Get some clen brotha. Pretty easy to get ahold of, especially if you got albuterol. O__O lol

  3. Clen and ephedrine are not available where I live, I buy my **** in normal drugstores but they do not sell those two. So nope.jpg.. I'm really starting to like the idea of metformin.

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