Milliter output of Lemelange Lotion Pump head?

  1. Milliliter output of Lemelange Lotion Pump head?

    Anyone know the output of a lotion pump head in milliliters?
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  2. Melissa might be the one to ask on this?

  3. good idea bro(duh)

  4. Just got a response back from Melissa at Lemelange, and she dosent know. So, Im going to pick up a graduated cylinder and measure it myself. Ill post it up when I figure it out.

    BTW, Im picking up the cylinder and PH strips for my dermal brew here:

    Good products and prices...


  5. Ok guys - got this figured out. Using 'BPUMP' from lemelange, and a 10ml graduated cylinder, it works out to be .56ml per pump. So 7 pumps will get you ~4ml.

    Im using the cobalt blue bottles from lemelange as well, and the pump tube is a little too short,leaving about 45ml left in the bottle. So, if you get this pump/bottle combination, you'll have to squeeze the lotion out into your hand for the last 5 days of your cycle. (assuming you're using 8ml/day). Not a big deal, as Melissa also throws in the flip-top spout style tops as well.

    Also wanted to give Lemelange a definate thumbs up on service - she threw in a vial or Sweet Orange essential oil free of Im going to be smelling all fresh and citrusy!




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