Anabolic growth kit, halo extreme, advanced anabolic stack..pct help??

  1. Cool Anabolic growth kit, halo extreme, advanced anabolic stack..pct help??

    hey guys i know im new but i joined for some help and clarification...... im currently using AMS Advanced anabolic stack at 4ml per day (both decavol, and ad) for 2 weeks, once thats up im going to start using AMS anabolic growth kit (as directed)... just ordered some halo extreme by ironmaglabs im going to incorporate that with 2 pills per day 1 one morning i pre workout... now for pct i have Triazole, erase, titanium xl Arom-x(the oral version that comes with advanced anabolic stack) and toremifine from purity... for pct should i even use arom-x, do i need serm or will aromx suffice, if serm is needed do i need an AI and can you help me with dosage of serm im not too sure on this any help would be greatly thanks a bunch

  2. Gotten gyno after halo and pct. After that I always make sure to have an ai second week into pct

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  3. 4ad- 4ml/4ml
    halo extreme-(2 caps per day) 4wks
    1 andro-2ml/2ml/2ml/2ml


    Titanium XL
    Torem(dosage plz)
    Aromx(from ams pro anabolic kit)

    is this a good stack/sufficient im gyno prone so will erase be a good enough AI and what should i run Torem at?

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