Raptor (superdrol) cycle feedback

  1. Raptor (superdrol) cycle feedback

    positives: currently i am at the last stages of tapering of my cycle of raptor, i did not complete the whole cycle because of how powerful the hormonal effects are without the proper SERM which i do not have access to because i am in afghanistan. Right now my incline bench max is 415 which is up 50Lbs from when i started at 365lbs. I was doing cable tricep extensions with the triangle bar today and i maxed with the whole stack 95lbs plus two 7.5lb ruber wieghts on top and then attached a 45lb plate to the stack itself which totals at 155lbs which personally i think is pretty insane. my max preacher curl was 125lbs when i started now it is 205lbs which is forearm splitting just thinknig about it. i got crazy vascularity and hard dense lean muscle with no fat build up any where.

    negatives: the main thing that killed me was it wipes you out, i mean i am tired all the time, no matter the sleep you get, you will be exhausted. diet is really tough to it kills your appetite, i found meal replacement in lliquid form was the easiest, solid foods jsut make you want to throw up. head aches come and go and aren't to bad but i had a few i had to sleep off to go away. another thing that really got me was the testicular pain, i have done pro hormones before but i have never had this bad of testicular pain its not bad in the first 2 weeks but weeks 3 & 4 whoop your ass.

    over all i gained 15lbs of solid lean muscle and i havent lost that much yet tapering off and i will let you know when i get closer ot the end and during and after my PCT. its a great gainer if you want to get big fast but you'll have to be prepared to deal with the side effects that come with it.

  2. 205 preacher curls and 415 incline bench. Strong OP is strong.

  3. You can get SERMs discreetly shipped to APOs.. Message me.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Drizzie88 View Post
    You can get SERMs discreetly shipped to APOs.. Message me.
    could you please send me the same info? Thanks.

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