Test c + Clen/t3 cycle

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    Test c + Clen/t3 cycle

    Hey guys, looking for some advice. I'm bouncing back from a dirt bike accident where I fractured several vertebrates, blown left knee and pelvis damage. Got seriously depressed and left myself go out of my routine and diet. Well to make story a little shorter, I been busting my ass for the past 6 months and I've lost almost all of the weight I put on but still short. (lost about 80lbs)
    At this point my stats are 32yr, 6'1", 220lb, and 18%bf.
    I've decided to move forward with my first cycle using 500mg test C twice a week and running clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
    Well I got my hands on t3 now and I was hoping someone can help with dosing stacking clen with t3. I been pretty comfortable going up to 100mg a day with clen (just issues with splitting headaches)
    Any suggestions are welcome

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    If u run the T3 don't go above 50mcgs,as for clen dosage idk u have to assess your tolerance.

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