varicouse vain)hemmoroids)dboll 60mg

  1. varicouse vain)hemmoroids)dboll 60mg

    Hi guy dnt realy know how to explain this but basicly I was running 60mg dboll ed split but stopd after 4-5 days becuz my leg startde to burnn then I noticed that my vain down. The back of my leg from my arse to my heel was realy bulging then found out I also had hemoroids (piles) iv been to the doctors and he gave me some medication for the piles and said I had siatica also said the vain is a varicouse vain but didn't give me enny help or adivce bout this it was like he wasnnt realy botherd but basicly I would like to know is there enything I can do to get rid of this vain and put it back to norma
    Was it the dboll that caused the vain and piles
    Is there enything I can do to stop this hapening again if I wanted to re start my cycle
    And is this a common thing cuz I thought only old lladies got this I'm only 24
    As much info and advise would realy be apreciated I feel as I have done something wrong in my cycle or missed something for this to happen that's for all yor time cheers

  2. Bumpo help advice ect please

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