Need to filter my sledge test, where can I get filters plus fitering questions

  1. Need to filter my sledge test, where can I get filters plus fitering questions

    Where can I get a .22u and .45u sterile filter to filter my sledge test. i looked on gpz.usa and they only have .45 and .20 for water based injectables. I will be filtering about 150mls of sledge test and 1 test cyp. So I figure I will need 3 .45u filters and 3 .22 u filters. Or should I get 4 just to be safe if one breaks. I will be using a 60ml syringe or should I go smaller? Do I need to change the filter each time I change the syringe if I decide to use a smaller syringe (say a 10ml, do I need 5 fitlers so I can put a new fiter on each time I refil the syringe) and can I "stack" filters like syringe, .45 filter, then .22 filter then needle? All luer locked together?

  2. why do you need to filter it it should be sterile.

  3. if you get it from sledge it's sterile. if not, you can get them at under the "labware" section

  4. I didnt get it from sledge, I got it in the swap meet. Also I cant find the .22 at lamelange, you sure they have them?

  5. a .22 isn't necessary, i don't use one when i homebrew.

  6. I use .22 just for peace of mind, but I still agree its over kill.

    To answer your question, No they do not stack. why would you want to?
    And you don't need to keep switching syringes and filters.
    Just use one needle to draw and another with filter attached to inject into sterile sealed vial. As long as you don't remove the pin with the filter on it the vial will remain sterile. Just fill the syringe and switch....repeat. Oh, Make sure and use a second pin in the sealed vial so you don't build up pressure.
    For good measure at you filter go through a bake cycle just in case anything floated in through the 'vent' pin.

    You don't need to use both .22 and .45 one or the other will do and I'd go with a smaller syringe it requires much less pressure to get it through. I would say no higher than 20ml for the .22 and I forget the last I used a .45. You should be able to get all 150ml through one filter but having extra on hand is a very good idea. I think they are only rated for 100ml but I don't know if that is accurate or not.

  7. filters dont make it sterile, technically. the heating and ba make it sterile, th efilter removes anything in the oil that is bigger then the size of the filter. so it does make it sterile in one way, just not in the way you are thinking. if there is nothing floating around and you havent taken the top off then you are probably fine and i wouldnt worry about it. IMO.


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