First cycle of Chlorovar log- I finally think I am ready

  1. First cycle of Chlorovar log- I finally think I am ready

    I think I am finally ready to run my first cycle. I will be running EPG labs Chlorovar, which is p-stanz and hdrol stacked. This is going to be a first for me and I am curious as to what sides if any I may encounter. I will also be using milk thistle, and N2guard as a cycle support. Dosing will be as follows.

    Keep in mind it is 20mgs of p-stanz and 20mgs of hdrol. In one cap

    1cap at 9am, then following the n2guard 3hrs later, and then another cap at 4pm, milk thistle in the pm.

    I will be updating as much as possible as how the cycle is going in the way of gains in strength, size, weight, sides, etc.

    If anyone has any tips for a first timer please feel free to chime in.


  2. Also I was wondering do you know what would be a good serm to take post cycle. Nolva or clomid or torem? Also how should I dose the serm? I am not super familiar with serms I know where to aquire them but not dose for my body weight. Thanks!

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