Starting my first cycle test 450

  1. Starting my first cycle test 450


    so I have decided to start my first cycle. 5'11 210 15% BF

    test 450 1.5CC twice every 7 days --10-12 weeks
    Var 50mg daily --8 weeks
    HGH 5ui 5 days on 2 off --3 months (longer likely)

    PCT Torem (i also have clomid & Nolva)

    My goals are to keep my diet in check and cut some fat while also increasing strength gains ect...

    I was curious as to what the gains I could expect to be are? My goal is to maybe gain around 10-15lbs while minimizing fat gain...I plan on running Clen w/T3 on the last week of the cycle and start a semi cut in PCT (also making sure not to deplete to lose gains though)

    Any thoughts or recommendations? Maybe something for cycle support?

    Also everything I have read is injections on the test 450 tend to be painful and difficult. My natural feeling is that this is a little aggressive but from what I have been told from some people I trust its better to go AAS route if they are available than run PH which can be equally as damaging if not managed well ect...


  2. Looks good

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