M1t and Sleep - PLEASE HELP!

  1. Question M1t and Sleep - PLEASE HELP!

    I'm 3 days into my 2nd cycle of M1T and I'm only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. I didn't have a job when I did my first cycle, so it was okay, but I have to actually work now - so I NEED SLEEP.

    I'm taking 20mg M1t spaced through the day, last dose at bedtime (I'm going to try taking the last dose earlier).
    Also taking 60mgs of M5AA, and love it. I think it cuts the lethargy from M1T during the day.
    I take NO-Explode during the day.
    Also taking Flax Oil, B-vitamins, and potassium supps.

    I've searched around here and found various remedies, here's what I've tried that hasn't worked:

    ZMA (works great off cycle through)
    2 Grams Magnesium (gave me the worst squirts of my life, I must have lost a gallon of water)
    Melatonin (does nothing for me)
    Super Amino Night (b-6, L-ornithine, l-arginine, l-carnitine, l-lysine)
    Valerian and Kava Kava (they work off cycle a little)

    I've used Ty PM and it works for a couple hours and makes me feel lousy. I'm getting my Ambien refilled, but I can only take it a few days at a time or it makes me very sketchy.

    Does anyone know what causes the M1T insomnia? Is it high blood pressure? I haven't tried anything for lowering BP. If I could figure out this sleep issue, M1T would rock (even more). I went from 175 to 192 on my first cycle and after PCT settled at 188. This board is the Shizat. I've learned so much here. This is my first post.

    Any ideas on how I can get some sleep?

  2. What time off day are you taking the m5aa? It has a short-lived, but strong, CNS effect. Are you sure it's not your liver keeping you up at night? Stacking any other methyl on top of m1t is some serious liver stress. Plus, see you've used Tylenol during the cycle. That's another liver stresser. Damn man, be careful!


  3. Been taking 20 mg M5aa at 10am and another 40 before my workout after work at 6:30pm. It should wear off by say, midnight, no? Hmm, thanks for the heads up about Tylenol stressing the liver. I'm taking Milk Thistle and so far so good on the liver front.

  4. M1T usually causes lethargy in most. It probably has something to do with the M5aa. When are you taking it? Or, if you are eating a large/heavy meal prior to going to bed, this may be the cause. It's not wise to stack methyls together, but if you are going to, try taking your M1T a couple of hours prior to bed, and your M5aa pre-workout in the morning. I don't believe there is a reason to space M1T throughout the day. If your b/p is elevated, it could also be a factor.

    I had insomnia and night sweats during my first cycle of 1ad extreme last year. I added some 4ad to it and it was fine.

    Try a search on insomnia and see what's there.

  5. Forgot to mention that I'm also taking 4Derm twice a day. For me it has a slight stimulating effect, so I'm going to try to take it earlier in the day....

    ...I don't think it's the M5AA becasue i had this exact same insomnia on my last cycle of M1T. Cuffs, why do you think taking the M1T before bed would help? I was thinking the eact opposite, taking it earlier so by night the effects have lessened.

    I'm having night sweats too, but not as bad as my first cycle. I would wake up drenched.

    Other than the sleeplessness (which is a major biatch) this cycle is rockin already. Last night's workout was very intense. I was able to press weight that I was struggling with last week (195 bench).

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TheShat
    Cuffs, why do you think taking the M1T before bed would help? I was thinking the eact opposite, taking it earlier so by night the effects have lessened.
    My reason is for lethargy. But, if you're having the opposite effect, then maybe in the morning would be better.

    You mentioned something about last night's workout. How long before bed do you workout? Maybe that has something to do with it as well.

  7. I remember Pat Arnold saying it has something to do with sensitivity to raised hormone levels. I'm much the same, but I take 2gs of Valerian Root 2 hours before I sleep, and it helps quite a bit. A weeks into my cycle I was so tired from work and lack of sleep, that I didn't even need the Valerian root anymore.

  8. I work out after work, from about 7:00 - 10:00. Wokring out earlier would help, but that's the only time I have during the week.

  9. WOW 3 hour workouts? I think some people have problems sleeping when over-trained. Could that be a possibility?

    Can you go into detail (compounds used, dosages, length) about your last m1t cycle? Apparently it was a little different than this one. How do you sleep when not on a cycle?

    Last edited by diamonddave; 10-15-2004 at 03:21 PM. Reason: added ? about last cycle

  10. Well...t's not all balls to the wall for 3 hours.... By the time I sit in the jacuzi and get done flexing it's 10pm ;-)

  11. I'm 208-214lbs, and I'm taking 15mg a day - I'm in my 3rd day as well... I don't believe you need to exceed 10-15mg.
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  12. Okay that's great advice, thank you...I'll drop my dose down then and see how that affects my sleep.

    How do you take the dose? All at once or spread out? At night or in the AM?

  13. All at night, with grapefruit juice and alpha lipoic acid - right before sleep
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  14. Thanks, Deoudes, I might try taking the whole dose at once, at night.

    Has anyone tried coQ10 to help with sleep on M1T?

  15. coQ10 is expensive, get hawthron berry instead
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  16. For me, m1t does cause lethargy at night, but I still can't sleep. I'll just lay there for hours tired as hell but unable to sleep.

    I use 1g GABA & 9mg melatonin & that usually does the trick.

  17. thats alot of melatonin
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  18. you're doing more harm than good by working out for 3 hours straight cut it to around an hour man you'll love yourself for it

  19. Praise the...Drugstore!! Last night I had decent night sleep. I cut my dose to 15mg, took it early in the day, and took ZMA and trazedone at night and it did the trick. I feel great today. I'll keep posting my sleep results and any mods I make here.

    What's your sleep remedy? Keep 'em coming!

  20. oops...that's me one up with my old account, my bad....

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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