I have been lurking for a few months in order to prepare for my second cycle. The last one was years ago and I would like to start fresh, and intelligently.

My buddies jumped right in recently with test and deca. I want to slow it down and research the whats and whys. I tell them about AI's and get a blank stare. Anyways, I have Test, Deca, Aromasin, HCG, Nolva, and Clomid. Start with a test only cycle, do test and Deca later in the year.

Have enough test for the first cycle to go 10 weeks, test 500 a week. Aromasin 12.5 mg ed for the full 10 weeks, and then PCT 14 days after last pin, clomid 50/50/50/50, Nolva 40/40/20/20.

This all sounds pretty standard I think. My question is the HCG, some say to just run a blast during the 2 weeks from last pin to pct, some say to avoid shrunken testes and make pct easier, run the hcg from around week 3 until pct.

I see some info about the Aromasin and HCG actually working with each other to raise estrogen levels. I have read that the HCG aromatizes to estrogen and it effects your ability to gauge the level of estrogen you get from just the test. Then in future cycles you do not know for future cycles your reaction to the test. But I do not know how a newbie like myself even interpets the estrogen levels anyways. And you see people run it both ways, all the way through and just the blast. I am very confused here.

Any one have any input before I start?

My stats:
29 years old
195lbs @ 5'11" 13-15% body fat
Lifting on and off for 10 years, very seriously for 18 months 3x a week all documented and data interpreted with consustent modifications to my routine, very happy with my regime right now.
Diet is great, have been experimenting with lean gains and have been rather happy with the results. Supplements good, bad habits curbed, eating clean, living very clean.

Have had my gear for quite awhile, getting ready to start and the research has intensified a lot, juts need to nail this HCG question down, so many opinions on the net.

Thanks guys, appreciate the forum and the massive amount of user info.