how much test in sust

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    how much test in sust

    ok so i know that in a 100mg/ml solution of test prop there is something like 82mgs of testosterone because of the additional weight of the ester and that in enthanate at the same concentration there is 69mgs of test because of the weight of the long ester but what about sustanon how much actual test is in a solution of say 100mg/ml. btw im actually gettinb it in 270mg/ml

    also if someone can tell me there experiences with the frequency of injection of sustanon cuz ive been doing reasearch and i hear alot of different theories because of the actions of the few different esters. medical liturature is very different from what bodybuilders do with these drugs so if some one can give me an awnser from experience that would be great thanks in advance

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    I would love to hear some knowledgeable I.put on this as well

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