Wheres the estrogen coming from?

  1. Wheres the estrogen coming from?

    5th week of cycle, worked up to 50mg Havoc along with Trenazone and erase pro. My nipples are sensitive and the left one is puffy. I've always been more of a lean body type so it's a bit noticeable and very uncomfortable. Can anyone tell me where the rise in estrogen is coming from?

  2. probly from the train wreck you are pulling on your hormones.

    gyno is caused from multiple hormonal imbalances.

  3. I agree with jb here.
    I watched The Vow with my girlfriend last week and my nips are still a bit sensitive.
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  4. anythig with tren just scares me. you doing anything for prolactin? by the way i knew a good who stacked an AI with EPI and got gyno also.....might be something there .

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