1. Talking NEWBIE, HELP ME

    Hello all,

    me 31 old and 2 years in gym. Tried to using supplements wasting much money, drinking a lot of them stopped gaining muscles. And I want to try steroids and no idea about cycles, dosage and where to get it. Please make me advices. I have made research on steroid online stores and read reviews but totally sick which is real or fake?

    Your suggestions would be very appreciate for me.


  2. Don't know if you'll have much luck saying what do I take... What are your goals, macros and what is your training regimen? A lot of guys jump into steroids without getting the fundamentals right first!

    Training, diet, supplements, then work out of you need AAS.

  3. ^ This! Kind of hard to tell you what to get when you don't give any details other than you want to try steroids.

    I've found that reading through a bunch of threads and logs on here has answered a bunch of questions. Look through those to get a foundation of information and then if you have specific questions, start a thread.

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